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Entertainment Charge

Sunday thru Tuesday Complimentary (ages 21 & over)
Wednesday $3 from 8pm-Close (ages 21 & over)
Thursday $3 from 8-9pm (ages 21 & over)
$5 after 9pm (ages 21 & over)
Subject to Change after 11pm  (ages 18 & over)
Friday & Saturday

$5 after 8pm (ages 21 & over)

  Subject to Change after 11pm (ages 21 & over)

Certain concerts and other events are ticketed separately, as indicated on the event’s information page. Admission to these events may be purchased at the door or through our website.

Dress Code

  • No apparel displaying profanity; racial, ethnic or religious slurs or sexually orientated insults
  • No gang attire including clothing, caps, emblems or insignia
  • No soiled, sloppy or ragged attire.
  • Excessively long shirts on men is not acceptable.
  • Ball caps must be worn with the bill facing forward
  • No athletic Jerseys or jersey-type dresses
  • No tank tops on men
  • No bare feet or shower shoes
  • No attire which is “revealing” in that it shows body parts generally regarded as private
  • No guns or weapons