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Frank Brown Songwriters Festival

Free with Seville Quarter Membership Card or Normal Admission Charge after 8pm

Frank Brown Songwriters Festival

A Little Piece of the FloraBama comes to Seville Quarter

Friday and Saturday, November 11 &12 Lili Marlenes 9:00pm

Seville Quarter is proud to host the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival.  November 11th & 12th, Downtown Pensacola will come alive with great original talent in the Lili Marlene's room of Seville Quarter.   Our good friends over at the FloraBama and the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival have put together a wonderful line up of Songwriters to play at Seville.

The weekends lineup will include:

Friday, November 10th

        5:00-8:00 Jim St. James (solo) - End of the Alley

        9:30-1:30 Big Muddy - Lili Marlene’s

11/11 Saturday, November 11th

        9:30-1:30 The Beachbilly's - Lili Marlene’s

11/12 Sunday, November 13th (Seville Quarter Wine & Food Festival)

        2:00pm Double Dee -Phineas Phoggs

        2:00pm Wilson Brothers – Apple Annie’s (Chad Wilson & Kyle Wilson)

Who was Frank Brown?

At the club, Mr. Frank wore a pair of matched revolvers, slung low, but he didn't have to use them. Usually it was enough to say, "Now, you boys don't have to be like that. What would yo' mamma say?" All the regulars knew and respected him. He was as much a part of the Bama as the sunrise was a part of the night. He didn't worry too much about material things. He thought: success is when a man gets what he wants; happiness is when a man wants what he's got. He was in his glory, just staying around listening to the music.

He was the last person the performers saw at closing time. Mr. Frank was 93 years old when he passed away in 1988, and he left a legacy that we can all share. Some say his spirit still lives on in the celebration of the music. He still lives on today in the memories of those who were fortunate enough to have known him. It is those fond memories that drive all of us that are involved in the festival to ensure that it continues year after year. The atmosphere here just seems to inspire collaboration and inspiration. A lot of the songwriters are not household names, but their songs are. It is impossible to list or describe the songwriters, musicians and performers that participate in this festival. It's a living museum, that's what it is."