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VELVET MELON 2.03rd Reunion

Nov 24th, 2017

VELVET MELON 2.03rd Reunion

Velvet Melon Reunion Concert


Friday November 24th, 2017 8pm

Popular Hometown Band to Perform Memorial Concert for 25th Anniversary of Former Lead Singer Jay Young’s Untimely Death

Pensacola, FL – November 2, 2017 – One of Pensacola’s favorite local bands in the 80’s and 90’s, Velvet Melon, will perform a memorial benefit concert at Seville Quarter on November 24th. The semi-annual “reunion concert” is held in remembrance and recognition of founding member and then-lead-singer Jay Young who passed away at age 24 on July 2, 1992, when he – and the band – were in their prime.

There aren’t many people who were around in the Pensacola band scene in the 1980’s and 1990’s, who weren’t “Melon Heads.” That was the name commonly used for loyal fans of Velvet Melon.

Velvet Melon originally cut their teeth on popular covers of the two decades. However, the artful songwriting skills and musical competency of band founder and then-front-man Jay Young, with support from the band’s other talented musicians, prompted them to also become known for some catchy and well-received original tunes.

Within a short time of the band’s first few performances, they began to gain strong visibility and popularity both in the Pensacola area and beyond. Aside from local venues, they were playing at many colleges and universities, public and private events, and even pushed out into the New York area.

Unfortunately, what looked to be a promising rise to more widespread attention and fame was cut short all-too-soon. While at home on July 2, 1992, band leader and lead singer Jay Young passed away from a previously-undiagnosed congenital heart condition.

After a period, in continuance of Jay’s vision, the band would restructure. Once again, they began playing locally. Members included a few of the original musicians and some new faces. Over the time the band was visible in area venues, it’s estimated that around fifteen different talented musicians would play to packed crowds under the Velvet Melon name. Eventually, however, the band – as a group – drifted apart.

Then, with the Musician’s Memorial Concert in 2012, many of the primary and subsequent band members came back together to play in honor of Jay’s memory and the Melon legacy he started and left behind.

In 2014, past members also got back together for their own, first-ever, Jay Young Memorial concert at Seville Quarter. Playing to a greater-than-packed house, it became obvious that the “Melon Heads” who had always loved and supported the band, were still around and still as loyal as ever.

The band members – now calling themselves Velvet Melon 2.0 and only coming together under this name at the memorial concerts – decided to make this event a semi-annual gathering, with the support of Seville Quarter. To accommodate what is expected to be an even more expansive crowd this year than in 2014, Seville has reserved the larger Phineas Phogg’s room for the event.

Band members performing will be Michael Magno singing lead and playing keyboards and guitar, Brett Turner – vocals and bass guitar, Jerry Dawson – lead guitar and vocals, Keith Brooks – drums and vocals, and Jimmy Mills – trombone and lights/sound.

Doors will open at 8PM on November 24th and tickets at the door will be $20. Tickets can be purchased in advance at for $15. A portion of all proceeds will go to the Jay Young Memorial Scholarship Fund.

To Learn More About the Jay Young and the Jay Young Memorial Scholarship Fund: