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Wine of the Month Alpha Estate’s Sauvignon Blanc

Wine of the Month Alpha Estate’s Sauvignon Blanc


As the summer months continue to stretch on, with temperature­­s still rising; and excessive spurts of heavy rainfall boost the humidity to unbearable ratios, we find ourselves looking for ways to stay cool on the Gulf Coast. The right wine selection becomes critical to help combat the sweltering wet heat-for me, that wine has been Alpha Estate’s Sauvignon Blanc, 2016 vintage. It comes from the Amyndeon Plateau located in Florina, Greece and boasts the region’s quality standard insignia from the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for white wine.

At first glance-the bottle is large and domineering, featuring an older style of thick, embossed glass depicting the name and an image of the winery. The chilly weight is quite heavy in my hands and alludes to the lush experience still held captive by the cork; altogether, a sublime presentation. The foil is removed, the cork released, and my ears are filled for a few moments-by that familiar glug of liquid escaping a bottle, and being replaced by pockets of air.

The powerful aroma of ruby grapefruit is welcomed and expected, followed by a more timid fragrance of fresh herbs and honeysuckle. My first sip of the cold, green-tinged aqueous material brings the essence of sweet melon to mind, complimented by well rounded acidity. My senses are delighted to find the more unusual taste of the litchi berry and a reprise from the honeysuckle play across my lips. The flavor medley is pungent and dense, as each tickle of the taste buds brings texture, and more subtle nuances of lime in a lengthy finish. The summation of which is quite refreshing at the end of a long summer day in the Sunshine State.

Pick up a bottle for around $18 in our wine shop to enjoy with rich pastas, lighter grilled fare-such as veggie kabobs or chicken-or perhaps some fresh seafood from Joe Patti’s.